Session of the Month

SESSION OF THE MONTH – 2016 – 2017

Please remember to take advantage of one of our chapter benefits – SESSION OF THE MONTH – available to ARMA Pittsburgh chapter members at Just log into My ARMA, select My Profile, and then click on Session of the Month under the Education section. NEW FOR THIS PROGRAM YEAR: All Sessions of the Month are available to chapter members throughout the year to view at your convenience; however, we’d like to invite you to join in on the discussion of select SOMs via our LinkedIn page. Please see the below for those specific sessions, and make sure to post your comments after you watch the SOM!

  • September/2016 – Why Information Managers Should Care About Hackers
  • October/2016 – Dispose of Zombie Data!
  • November/2016 – Change Management Comes to Life…Let’s Play Change: The Game
  • December/2016In-House Tools: Your Secret to Successful Information Governance
  • January/2017 – Beyond Alphabet Soup: Understanding Industry Standards
  • February/2017 – How a Large Company Used the Principles to Establish its Corporate Information IG
  • March/2017 – Records Disposition: Defensible, Moral, and Technological Considerations
  • April/2017Records Management and eDiscovery: Navigating a Changing Landscape
  • May/2017 – Don’t be a Deer in the Headlights when Managing eRecords!
  • June/2017 – AIEF: Uniting Internet Freedom and Cybersecurity through Information Governance

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