Iron Mountain Tour

May 12, 2017 @ 10:00 am – 1:00 pm
Iron Mountain
1137 Branchton Rd
Boyers, PA 16020
Deborah Karafinski

A Trip Underground –

In 1902, United States Steel opened a limestone mine in Boyers, PA, near Pittsburgh, in response to the country’s need for steel to feed the Industrial Revolution. In 1954, the old limestone mine became National Storage, an 80-acre underground company offering storage for vital records and living quarters for customers’ key management in the wake of the era’s paranoia and fear of nuclear attack by the Soviet Union. Over the years, the company built a solid reputation in the vital records market, and in 1998 was purchased by Iron Mountain, becoming a member of Iron Mountain’s global family of records and information management services and facilities.

Iron Mountain’s “The Underground” is a secure information storage facility that lies 220 feet below ground in a massive, naturally protected former limestone mine. The Underground is the trusted repository for vital records of all types, including some of the world’s most valuable information.

Encompassing 1.8 million square feet of developed space designed to preserve information against extreme temperature or humidity, natural disasters, or pests, the Underground offers a suite of services for information stored in a wide range of formats. It provides:

  • Exceptional Security. Armed guards, 24/7 monitoring, and leading-edge technology make this an ultra-secure facility, trusted by federal government agencies.
  • Environmental Protection. Vaults maintain specified temperature and relative humidity conditions for medium-term and extended-term storage conditions.
  • Rapid Accessibility. Records can be shipped immediately upon request or imaged for instant access.
  • Flexible Conversion. Records can be converted to digital format in bulk, or scanned as needed with our budget-friendly Image On-Demand solution.

Underground Visitors Guide
Click above image for Iron Mountain’s Visitor Guide Requirements and Mapped Directions
Parking: Boyers facility (1137 Branchton Rd, Boyers, PA 16020, 1-800-899-4766) has limited car/van parking in dedicated Visitor Parking area due to heavy construction until July.

Let us know your name, affiliation, and whether you plan to drive or want to car pool or see if you can join another car pool by RSVP to our Events Director Deb Karafinski (412-492-9969). We’ll try to connect drivers and passengers, but must let Iron Mountain know who is coming.

Thanks to our sponsor Iron Mountain.

Iron Mountain

When: Friday, May 12, 2017 from 10am to 1pm

Where: Iron Mountain
1137 Branchton Rd
Boyers, PA 16020

Lunch: Following the tour, lunch will be provided free courtesy of our sponsor

Cost for members and non-members: Free

If you plan to attend, please RSVP no later than Wednesday, May 10 at 5:00PM to Deb Karafinski.

Please take special note that this chapter program meeting is taking place on a Friday morning, not a Wednesday evening.

We look forward to seeing you underground!


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