John C. Grossman Memorial

In July, our chapter lost one of our colleagues and friends, John C. Grossman, Jr.  John loved his career and our chapter.  He will be sorely missed.




John Charles Grossman, Jr.

1951 – 2012

  John had been employed at U. S. Steel Corporation as Records Management Administrator for 20 years.  He immensely enjoyed his career and all those with whom he had the pleasure to interact.  Those who knew him well claim that John was the corporation’s historian.  He could state U. S. Steel history in great detail and loved sharing the information with anyone who would ask.  John was an historian in many subjects.  Once he embraced a topic or place, he took great pleasure in learning the detailed facts. The City of Pittsburgh, which he found so interesting and the people so special, was one of his favorite subjects to discuss. Being a lover of automobiles, John attended numerous car shows and could provide detailed information about models and manufacturers with ease.  What many do not know is that John was quite artistic in pen and pencil sketches.  From the time he was a young age, his favorite subjects to sketch with precision were cities and cars.  He also had a talent for music and could play a piece upon hearing it once and then create another arrangement of the same music.  These talents he kept to himself and enjoyed them without bravado.  John spent much of his free time in Phoenix, Arizona with his sister and her family, especially his godson.  He enjoyed the southwest and spent time exploring the red rock country of northern Arizona.   John was also an active member in the Pittsburgh PA Chapter of ARMA International.  He served on the board of that chapter for many years.  He hardly ever missed a meeting or function, and was a very familiar face at the ARMA International Conference.   John was a man of intelligence who enjoyed his career, people and places.  He will be missed by all who knew him.

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