Information Governance – How is privacy legislation impacting systems, policies and strategy?

March 12, 2020
12:00 PM - 1:30 PM
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Clark Hill PLC, One Oxford Centre
301 Grant St, 14th Floor
Pittsburgh, PA 15219

Information Governance – How is privacy legislation impacting systems, policies and strategy?

Joint ARMA Pittsburgh/ILTA Session

Speaker and Luncheon provided courtesy of iCompli by LegalRM

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In this presentation Chris Giles discusses how the landscape of privacy laws has impacted professional services firms’ information management and specifically it’s governance. From GDPR, to the CCPA, what emerging trends are we seeing around the usage and application of SARs, Mandated Destruction and the potential for savvy clients to leverage this. How can information governance technology assist in delivering peace of mind and end to end accountability. Where next...?

iCompli by Legal RM

iCompli by LegalRM is a flagship suite of integrated records management tools. iCompli is the only full cloud RM solution available in today’s market. It brings together a series of tools and services, each with a long, proven track-record. Each has saved time, space and money for major clients in the legal sector and beyond. Now, brought together as a single integrated cloud solution, they represent the most effective suite available for records management and compliance.


LegalRM’s CEO is Christopher Giles, a 20-year veteran of the challenges and changing requirements for records management and compliance in complex law firms and parallel sectors. Chris is regularly invited to speak at conventions and conferences around the world. His vision for iCompli has revolutionized how leading companies handle the sensitive and client-specific records in their care.

Speaker Christopher Giles, CEO LegalRM

Speaker Christopher Giles, CEO LegalRM

iCompli by LegalRM

"The real challenge comes from the intersection of policy and practice. It is important to understand that regardless of the source of the mandate, one challenge faces all of these organizations - once they have created their policies they must decide how to enforce those policies and measure their effectiveness.  On the surface this may seem like a simple task. In practice, though, the dilemma is that creating a policy – without any mechanism (automated, manual, or third-party) to measure and monitor compliance of the aforementioned policy – is somewhat like setting a curfew for a teenager and then going away for the weekend.  How do we know if people will live up to our expectations? How do we know if those expectations are even reasonable?  In order to build effective policies, we must not only have an understanding of the legal and statutory requirements that will shape the policy within our organizations, but we also must understand how these policies relate to the business practices, people, and technologies within our organizations." - Dana Simberkoff, AvePoint Vice President of Risk Management & Compliance, AIIM Blog, 7/10/2013,

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